Project Excalibur was the working title to the game Wargaming Seattle created during a 3 year span, leading up to an Alpha build. Project Excalibur was intended not as a squeal to World of Tanks, but as a new addition to the Wargaming portfolio of video games. Project Excalibur was designed to attract the Western market of video game “Free to Play” Military fans. In June 2018, Wargaming.Net’s Slavic Leadership chose to cancel the release of Project Excalibur.  Permission has been given to showcase the following Videos presented, and samples of my work involved into the research, design and creation of Project Excalibur as a Senior Level Designer.

More than a Map Designer

The following are slides from a Power Point presentation I put together of my involvement working with our Wargaming Seattle Team of Designers, Engineers, and Artists. A lot of work was done over 3 years to not only designing and creating a new game, new Game Play and new Maps to play upon, but to also build up a new Game Engine and Editor. Working alongside a talented team of Tech Designers and Engineers, together we designed and built the tools required.

Map Layout & Design Process

The following are slides present the stages of planning and production of the MMO map, Zenica. From environmental concept art, R&D, napkin sketches, early block out through grey boxing set pieces.

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