Aliens Colonial Marines

While Timegate Studios worked closely with Gearbox Software throughout the course of developing ACM, many changes were made by Gearbox in the latter half of development under the direction of SEGA. What started as a Survival / Horror shooter by Timegate’s Lead Writer and team of developers for nearly a year, and overseen by Gearbox, was ultimately re-written and directed over the next 8 months to be more of a “Call of Duty” shooter by Gearbox’s Directors per SEGA’s wishes. My samples are the culmination of my work over a year and a half leading to an Alpha build. Three weeks out from Alpha Timegate’s contract expired. At which point Gearbox took over completing the project over a 10-month period of time to ACM’s release. Gearbox continued to make writing and creative changes. Regrettably some of my following samples of work may not have been seen in game as originally directed.

I was the principle Level Designer working alongside the creative teams at Timegate to produce the now infamous E3 Demo walk-through. Intended to be part of the game play within ACM. I was responsible for layout and design of the majority of the level working closely with Art and Narrative. My work included scripting of narrative and combat events through the level following story boards as drawn up, including NPC interaction, IGE inclusion, level flow timing and pacing.

The “Gauntlet” finds the player and an NPC escaping the Weyland – Yutani facility for the safety of the Pilot Ship over the hill. Fighting their way through both Weyland Mercenaries and attacking Xenomorphs after the accidental release of  Alien specimens. My work involved the design and layout of this level, as well as the scripting of combat and events. I also did the preliminary lighting and set decoration leading up to Alpha. This is not final lighting, Art or VFX replacement of proxies.

This redesign and update of my online portfolio is still a work in progress as I am yet to address my involvement in the sample work images and videos posted.