Professional Summary

Experienced Level Designer with a wealth of knowledge working to envision and design captivating worlds and engaging game play within. Making the best use of a strong understanding of Game Design principles, Level Design, and a creative background in Art. Employing the skills acquired over 21 years working in the computer games industry. Collaborative working relationships alongside teams of multiple disciplines to craft imaginative or realistic, and game balanced environments with attention paid to the details. Allowing the player to become immersed in richly compelling and rewarding environments of game play. 

Career Accomplishments

  • Accomplished Senior Multiplayer & Single Player Level Designer
  • Former 3D Environment Artist.
  • Work experience in Unreal / MAYA / 3D Max / Photoshop / Perforce / JIRA / Confluence
  • Strong Senior Leadership role taken to strengthen team members skillsets.
  • Self-motivated, team oriented candidate with experience in shipping successful AAA games.
  • Successful Coordination of job responsibilities while working under tight / short deadlines.
  • Former Art Director / Creative Director.
  • Accomplished Commercial Designer & Illustrator.


Hardsuit Labs   – Senior Level Designer

Vampire; The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 – Action RPG ( PC, XBOX, PS-5 )

  • Working in Unreal 4 to design, layout, and build new levels of game play in line with the Narrative Mission locations.
  • Working within Blueprint to script game play encounters, combat scenarios, and Mission Quests following Narrative Story beats.
  • Working with the Narrative Team and dialog Markup for NPC interactions with the Player Character and Mission step advancements.
  • Working with MAYA to create Graybox elements in laying out level designs.
  • Chaperoning and working closely with the Art Team as they concept, set dress, and polish maps.
  • Documentation of wiki pages outlining research, level design and game play intent.
  • Working with Junior Designers to teach and encourage them in assisting with their development of skills.

Wargaming Seattle   – Senior Level Designer

Unannounced – Free to Play MMO  ( PC )

  • My work involved the research, design, and creation of multiple sandbox maps for 30 players, and their various military vehicles. Designing to ensure each vehicle and its dedicated role had an equal opportunity to make the most of its abilities and succeed.
  • Early and continuing work involved close cooperation with engineers to research and develop the necessary tools to building a new proprietary level editor in step with a new game engine being built.
  • Tasked with creating numerous test maps exploring various elements of game play and map balancing. Worked with the Design, Vehicle, and Engineering teams, to meet their needs, implementing and testing new feature introductions.
  • Chaperoning and working closely with the Art Team as they concept, set dress, and polish maps.
  • Documentation of wiki pages outlining design and game play intent. Managing reference material in the many aspects of the map’s environment, across multiple disciplines. Additional documentation to assist Level Design team with tutorials and best practices.
  • As a Senior Designer it was my responsibility to work with Junior Level Designers to enrich and broaden their skill set.

Irrational Games   – Sub-contracted Level Designer


  • Senior Level Designer working on-site with the Bioshock Infinite Design team. Single Player Level design & scripting of AI combat engagements through level progression.
  • Game play and general mission scripting in UE3, relating to Narrative Design requirements.
  • Ensuring events, player navigation, and game play scripting worked as expected. Bug fixing and Kismet cleanup.

TimeGate Studios  Senior Level Designer


SECTION 8  ( XBOX 360, PC )


  • Principle Level Designer on the team credited with creating the environment and game play highlighted in the  ‘E3’ Demo Walk Through Presentation.
  • Utilizing Unreal 3 Engine/Editor. Designing & developing Single Player campaign levels and game play from concept through Art hand-off. Including world design, scripting Combat/AI design,  NPC’s, and Narrative scripting.
  • Mission Scripting – Working with lead team and script writer to draw up and layout world design in unison to story and Art direction. Scripting game play, including Combat and Narrative scripting. Mission Scripting, level streaming, checkpoints, etc, and Matinee for initial IGE creations. Later working with the Animation team to polish.
  • Designing & developing both Multi Player Maps and Single Player Levels. Including World Building and scripting Combat/AI encounters for Sci-Fi FPS: Utilizing Unreal 3 Engine/Editor
  • Creation of Map Design documentation outlining map overview, game play intent, navigation, mission scenario, art concepts, reference images, map specific assets needed, etc.
  • Communicating across Departments discussing game play and Art ideas, and to ensure all variables work as expected. Chaperoning levels through each Art pass to polish.
  • Mentoring Junior Level Designers through guidance and teaching best practices.

Propaganda Games   – Level Designer

TUROK   FPS  ( XBOX 360, PS3 )

  • Designing & developing Single Player campaign levels from concept through release. Initial game play design and scripting of Combat, NPC’s, and IGE’s, utilizing Unreal 3 Engine/Editor.
  • Use of UE3’s Kismet for scripting game play, narrative elements, level streaming, checkpoints, etc, and Matinee for In-Game-Events. Worked with Art, VFX, Lighting, and Audio teams in planning for needs as map was developed.
  • Mission Scripting – Working with lead team to draw up and layout world design in unison to story and Art direction. Scripting game play, including Combat and Narrative scripting.

CE Digital Illusions: DICE Canada

-Level Designer

Battlefield 2; “Special Forces”, “Euro Force”, “Armored Fury” (PC)

Battlefield Vietnam

Battlefield 1942:Secret Weapons of World War II (PC)

  • Designing and creating maps for Multiplayer game play and environments.
  • Level development from concept into blocking out, and through iterations to complete polish.
  • Creation of Gray box degree of game play environment art, working in MAYA.
  • Used Terrigen and Photoshop to polish the finished look of the level terrain maps.
  • Careful development of maps for balanced game play including control points, player & vehicle spawns, pick-ups, focused combat points, and equal opportunity for all to succeed.
  • Managing game play needs with careful attention to detail in conveying a sense of realism.
  • Detailed documentation related to specific map’s design intent, aesthetics and needs across multiple teams.

-3D Vehicle & Environment Artist

 Battlefield 2 (PC)

Battlefield 1942:Secret Weapons of World War II (PC)

Midtown Madness 3 (XBOX)

Shrek (Xbox)

  • Created military vehicles and level environment art using 3D Max.
  • Texture creation and mapping.
  • Lead team visiting Washington D.C. to record the city as reference to creating the world space.
  • Designed game play unique to the game character’s abilities.
  • Configured and modeled AI meshes and streaming portals.

Former Advertising Artist / Designer

Seventeen years of experience in commercial and graphic arts design, illustration, conception and development of advertising, corporate identity, point of purchase, promotional, and publishing. Held positions of Coordinator, Creative Director, and Art Director.


  • Bell Center for Creative Communications, Centennial College
  • Completed Certificate course in 3D Art & animation. Studies included, Alias Wavefront / Maya, and Side Effects / Houdini. Also story-boarding, lighting, texturing, sound, editing, compositing.
  • Associates Degree, Visual Communications, Art Institute of Pittsburgh
  • Continuing education courses and seminars in software applications to enhance skills and follow software updates and advancements.